fera In Memoriam Dutch filmmaker & FERA Ambassador Heddy Honigmann
Heddy Honigmann the internationally acclaimed documentarian passed away on May 21 after a long battle with illness. The Peruvian-born filmmaker built a strong filmography with over 40 titles in...
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fera Constant Gardeners: The Realities of Today’s Film Sector in Europe
Key players show their commitment to the art of cinema and its unique power and magic to move audiences, by stimulating their curiosity, by exploring...
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fera Trade Press Review - Ukraine invasion by Russian Army
A summary of trade press articles divided in Ukrainian Perspectives, Reactions, and Repercussions on the AV industry. Updated regularly (latest entries in bold).     UKRAINIAN PERSPECTIVE   25-02-2022 Ukrainian Director...
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The director is the creative leader who brings a singular vision to a film or audiovisual product, from original idea to final cut.


Driven by 48 directors’ associations with members from 35 countries, we speak for more than 20.000 European screen directors, representing their cultural, creative and economic interests at national and European level.


Through four decades of experience, with a broad membership base, presence and standing in Brussels, FERA has prompted EU politicians and decision-makers to take into account the director’s point of view when drafting support schemes and legislation that affect the EU audiovisual industry.